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   To reserve your seats, pleasecontact Linda Zhang (Lindaxinyuzhang@) or call 5130 7951or for assistance. Please bring your invitation withyou to the theatre.

About Us:TheBeanstalk Education Group has been educating students for 21 years,growing from one campus to eight, from a kindergarten to a Pre-K –Grade 12 school now offering the International Baccalaureate (IB).Through our Kindergarten and K-12 Divisions, Beanstalk empowers itsstudents to become bilingual, multi-cultural and globally-mindedcitizens who are equipped with the knowledge and integrity tofunction successfully, responsibly and effectively in anever-evolving environment. Browse this site to learn more about ourexciting and dynamic organization and contact us todayto



March 3rd, Saturday, 2018




21st Century Theatre (No.40,Liangmaqiao Road, Chaoyang District)


We look forward to seeing you andexperiencing a spiritual revolution with you on Saturday at thetheatre.






电子邮箱 -Lindaxinyuzhang@


A Note from Andrew Delo

(Parents with children in both LE& UE may choose which show to register.)

A Note from Andrew Delo, Director of“Revolution- History Repeating”Sometime lastspring, I happened upon a documentary that was truly invigorating;“The History of the Universe from the Big Bang to the Present Day”.It was two hours of fantastic television. Easy to understand, easyto process, easy to relate, and clearly quite inspiring, as thecurtain is about to go up on our interpretation.If you’re reading this, the matter and energy youare made of was generated in that fateful Bang. So was mine. Andhere we are, billions of years later, in the present version ofourselves. When I read the news and I look at the world around me,I often wonder; “Where did we go wrong?”Our BIBS community has come to know that when youcome to the UES Musical Production, you’ll see some great dancing,hear some great singing, you’ll have a few laughs, and we’re alsogoing to challenge you to think and reflect. Somewhere along theline, our stardust changed, and in 2018 it seems the human racecan’t agree about anything. They say that every great shift inhistory begins with a revolution, and as one of our teachersreminded me, “if you want to change the world, start withyourself”.I’ve sat with these ideas for a yearnow, as I formulated what you will see today. And as I reflect anddetermine how to make my personal revolution, and maybe you willmake a similar reflection and determination, please allow me toshare with you what a great artist once told me; “You are made ofstardust…and because that is true, you can go outside at night,look up into your past, stand in your present, and dream about thefuture.”CenturyTheatre世纪剧院地址:你看北京国家大剧院演出信息查询。北京市朝阳区亮马桥路40号(近好运街)电话:首都剧场演出信息。(010),(010)The Century Theater is located in the "thirdembassy district" in Beijing, near the Kempinski Hotel, KunlunHotel and other five star hotels, Beijing CBD. The theater of thecentury was founded in 1985, invested RMB 370 million, andofficially opened in May 4, 1990. The theater of the century isdesigned and built by Chinese and Japanese architects. It is uniquein style. It inherits both traditional architectural aesthetics andmodern aesthetic ideas. It is another masterpiece in the history ofBeijing architecture. The theater of the century is divided intofive major areas, such as big theater, small theatre, rehearsalhall, make-up room and office. The Grand Theatre has 1713 seats,mainly performing opera, ballet, large symphony concerts andvariety shows. The small theater can accommodate 400 spectators. Ithas all the conditions for concerts, academic forums, moviereceptions, lectures, etc., and equipped with professionalsimultaneous interpretation equipment and projector, movieprojector and other devices.


电话 - 5130 7951 或


We cordially invite you and yourfamily to attend REVOLUTION, the 2018 Beanstalk InternationalBilingual School’s (BIBS) musical production on Saturday, March 3at 12:00 noon in the 21st Century Theatre, Beijing. Once again,this show includes the talents of all 640 GK-G5 students from theBIBS-Upper East Side (UES) campus and is masterfully directed andchoreographed by Andrew Delo.

Andrew Delo, agraduate of Tsinghua University, has been engaged in the lyricstranslation of large musical works for a long time. He has led orparticipated in the lyrics translation of most Broadway musicals inChina. He has cooperated with Xue Fan, the great master oftranslation. Have the domestic leading musical localizationexperience. The translation works include the musical "Jekyll""rent" (workshop production), "Mamma Mia!" Chinese world premiereversion, "cat" Chinese world premiere edition, "Quixote", "how tosucceed," Q road "and" the lion king "Chinese world premiereedition.

The show for parents of LE (GK-G2)starts at 14:30

第一场12:00 ,其实正式。《我,《猫》中文世界首演版,对比一下开始。《妈妈咪呀!》中文世界首演版,对比一下香港演出资讯。曾与译配大师薛范先生合作并受其指导。拥有国内领先的音乐剧本地化经验。译配作品包括音乐剧《变身怪医》《吉屋出租》(工作坊制作),主导或参与过国内至今本土化的绝大多数百老汇大型音乐剧的歌词译配,长期从事大型音乐剧歌词译配工作,阳光上东全校区640名学生出演的2018年度大型音乐剧《变革—循环延续》。

Andrew Delo毕业于清华大学,观赏由AndrewDelo老师担任导演和编舞, The show for parents of UE (G3-G5)starts at 12:00.

Teach the child to be the director of hislife